Linden Hill UCC is worshipping at Edina Morningside Community Church

Temporary Building Closure



At our December meeting, the Trustees decided to temporarily close the 4200 Upton building beginning January 1st. We have moved our offices to Edina Morningside Community Church and we have been invited to join their 10 am service so that is an in-person option.   



A Invitation from Rev Oby


Dear Members and Friends of Linden Hills UCC,


Edina Morningside Church has long been grateful for our years-long ministry partnerships, and we were honored to host last Sunday’s Service of Farewell for Pastor Lawrence. We have enjoyed meeting Linden Hills members and staff during the transition of offices to the EMC building, and look forward to more connections in the season ahead.


In this week between Lawrence’s departure and Paula starting on February 9th, I’m writing to invite you to worship with us at Edina Morningside Church for the month of February. In consultation with Linden Hills leaders and Rev. Paula, we welcome you to EMC’s worship in order to allow LHUCC leaders to focus on the most critical issues as Paula’s interim service begins. You are invited to come worship with us in person at 4201 Morningside Road in Edina, by join live online at our Zoom meeting on Sunday at 10am, or by viewing the worship recording afterward on the Facebook pages for our churches. Click here to access the Zoom meetingID 946-8121-4926–and here’s where you can find worship recordings  You don’t need a Facebook account to see these, and new videos are posted every Sunday afternoon.


If you plan to participate live with us on Zoom, we encourage people to have video on and participate in the chat so those on Zoom can see the Body of Christ gathered together both online and in person. That said, we also encourage you to choose whatever level of engagement feels comfortable, including watching with video and chat off. We’ll be happy to welcome you on Zoom or in person as Linden Hills UCC worships alongside Edina Morningside Church at 10am on Sundays in February.


Starting on February 13th, those from LHUCC who gather in person on Sunday morning are invited to a LHUCC-specific community time after worship in the church’s Fellowship Hall with Rev. Paula. I’m excited that there will be this specific time weekly where Linden Hills UCC members and friends can gather with your new pastor and discern how the Spirit is leading you in the weeks and months ahead. After Rev. Paula starts, we’ll be glad to continue conversations about what worship practices and settings will best serve both congregations moving forward.


With welcome and care,

Rev. Oby Ballinger


Pastor, Edina Morningside Community Church

Introducing LHUCC in 3D
Sundays@11:15 LHUCC in 3D (Devotions, Dialogue and Discernment)

The purpose of these gatherings is to provide sacred space to rest, renew, grieve, heal, dialogue, and discern our future together. Paula Northwood, Interim Minister, will provide a brief devotional based on the Psalms with discussion questions to help guide our conversations about the future. There are many dimensions to our current situation, we will use scripture, discussion and spiritual discernment to guide our thinking. Please join us for these very important conversations. We will meet in the Edina Morningside Fellowship Hall. Gatherings will be live-streamed on Facebook

The name "LHUCC in 3D" might be confusing to some. Just trying to do something catchy that emphasizes that there are many dimensions to every situation. If this seems goofy, we can just call them Discernment Gatherings. I plan on basing my devotionals on the Psalms. I attached a document with more of my current thinking. 

An Open and Affirming Congregation

About Us

Located in Southwest Minneapolis, Linden Hills United Church of Christ is a congregation of 300 adults and children.  As Christians, our worship, faith development and service to the community are grounded in our relationship to God, Jesus Christ, and The Holy Spirit.  A progressive approach to theology encourages a freedom of conscience, and latitude of belief.  Since its founding in 1902 Linden Hills Church has sought to live out a core principle:


"Not to be served, but to serve."


In declaring ourselves an Open and Affirming Church, we celebrate the sacredness of every person as a child of God. We welcome lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people to join in the full life and ministry of our congregation in the same spirit and manner we accept all new members.



We worship at 10:00am in person and online with Edina Morningside Community Church.   The structure of the worship service tends toward the traditional with a tone that is informal.  Our worship is rooted in faith as well as issues of social justice.





We strive to make our city, state, nation and world more just and humane. Our advocacy takes place in partnership with many organizations and our service includes  preparing meals for people in need and the construction of affordable homes.




Faith Formation

There are many opportunities for adults and children to explore faith, spirituality and Christianity.  We frequently host guest speakers to provide educational opportunities for our members and the larger community.




Linden Hills: A Sanctuary SUPPORTING Congregation

Linden Hills works to welcome all newcomers to our nation.  


202q-2021 Annual Report


 Read about the journeys and accomplishments in all areas of

Linden Hills UCC ministry last year in the 2020-2021 Annual Report.