To Be A Man

Now I understand where comedians get their material.  One could not make up the story of a Bloomington, MN dentist who paid a ton of money to lure Cecil, a lion out of a protected sanctuary and shoot him in Africa.  This story got me all fired up to take my bow and arrow and go into the woods and shoot a vole (smaller than a mouse) and impress Barb.   I’ll stop here otherwise I will lose control. 


Why is manhood often defined by our culture having an over active character trait leading to obsessive control and often needing to prove one’s manhood?  Why do males question their manhood and define it violently whether physically or emotionally?  


To be a man is to learn to be vulnerable and caring. 


To be a man means to be compassionate.


To be a man means to acknowledge false anxieties and try new paths. 


To be a man means one does not have all the answers but moves toward more questions.


To be a man means to be willing to shed tears and allow sorrow to enter the heart.


To be a man means one doesn’t have to prove anything before God.


To be a man means “grace upon grace” is there to receive as a gift.


To be a man means to be forgiving and merciful. 


To be a man means to see loved ones and neighbors grow into God’s fullness.


Scripture:  “What are human beings that you are mindful of them, mortals that you care for them?  Yet you have made them a little lower than God and crowned them with glory and honor?”  Psalm 8:4-5


Dan Schmiechen




 August 9               Sunday      John 3:22-36

August 10            Monday     Mark 9:42-50

August 11            Tuesday     Mark 10:1-16

August 12             Wednesday  Mark 10:17-31

August 13            Thursday    Mark 10: 32-45

August 14            Friday          Mark 10:46-52

August 15            Saturday    Mark 11:1-11



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