Faith and Polls

Way back in the early sixties, a national poll asked this question: What profession do you trust the most?  School teachers, lawyers, doctors, health care providers and artists ranked high. 

My profession as clergy was ranked 16th with used car dealers.  After picking myself up off the floor, I was determined next Sunday to preach on “How Can I Restore Your Trust in Me?  Or Is It Too Late? “Ranking used car dealers with clergy gave the dealers a bad name or was it clergy a bad name?  I still have not figured that one out. 

Nowadays we are inundated with polls whether one should kiss your marriage partner before or after breakfast, how many people hold hands with loved ones in a worship service to what color of paint should be used for the furnace room.  Some of these polls are just plain nuts.  

Isn’t it more crucial to see how someone acts out their faith in daily life? 

Acts of a personal faith should be billboard clear no matter what one’s faith tradition.  Is love demonstrated?  Is forgiveness practiced?  Does caring live?  Is doubt wrestled with?  Is friendship strengthened?  Are compassion and empathy shinning bright?

Who did I hold in my prayers?  Where did I give my money to help someone?  How can my friendship be stronger with family members?   Was I a helpful presence in someone’s life? 

If you must - go ahead and check out the endless football polls ranking your favorite football team as if the world turns on that news.   Be sure you practice and witness to your Christian faith.  

Prayer for the Week:   Go forth into the world in peace; hold fast to that which is good; render to no one evil for evil.  Help the fainthearted.  Support the weak.  Visit the lonely.  Be a good neighbor to all.  Love and serve the Lord rejoicing in the Holy Spirit.  Amen.  


Dan Schmiechen

Scriptures for September 27-October 3, 2015

September 27 Sunday  Luke 5:1-11
September 28 Monday Matthew 6:25-34
September 29 Tuesday  Matthew 7:1-12
September 30     Wednesday      Matthew 7:13-21        
October 1     Thursday         Matthew 7: 22-29       
October 2 Friday Matthew 8:1-17
October 3 Saturday Matthew 8:18-27

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