Stay With It!

This devotional is not a buck-up you can do it, think positive and believe in yourself no matter what.

It is about struggling to stay with something one started to do.  Suddenly, it becomes difficult.  I can always think of clever excuses not to finish it.

Now it may be reading a book you need to read, saying a good word to a grumpy person, writing a tough letter to a loved one, speaking out on an injustice, dealing with a bothersome habit, or even forgiving someone.

We can recall the affirmations of faith we made.  Can we stay with them?  Yes, I want to help someone.  Yes, I want to be a person of integrity.  Yes, I want to be true to myself.  Yes, I want to follow through no matter how hard.  Yes, I want to be a faithful Christian in my life.  

So whatever it is we struggle with in our lives can we stay with it and not jump ship?    We may find unexpected life.

“I can do all things through him (Christ) who strengthens me.”

                                Philippians 4:13

-Dan Schmiechen 

Weekly Scriptures

Date Day
 November 15  Sunday Luke 16:1-13
November 16 Monday Matthew 17:1-13
November 17 Tuesday Matthew 17:14-21
November 18 Wednesday Matthew 17:22-27
November 19 Thursday Matthew 18:1-9
November 20 Friday Matthew 18:10-20
November 21 Saturday Matthew 18: 21-35

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