Advent Three: The Darkness

I’ll never forget it.  I sat in a canoe with a friend at twilight on a lake in the upper reaches of Quetico, the Canadian wilderness.  Night was falling.  No wind.  No loon or owl calls.  A deafening silence enveloped us.  My friend suggested we open our mouths to listen to the coming night.  We were mesmerized.

I want to say a good word about darkness.  Darkness can hide unwise motives and unhealthy acts.  I won’t deny that.  But there is another side of this Advent darkness that speaks of promises to come into your life and mine.  Darkness can offer a time to observe what was done in our lives for one day.

Darkness can help us imagine what can be seen in the coming day.  This time can become a new faith rhythm to our lives.  Darkness is as natural as light.  Darkness can offer a new walk into what a new day may be.  Darkness brings a benediction and a promise to come.

Lighting a second candle in our home can be a time not only to hold back the night but a time to welcome the night, to rest from our labors, to sleep and rise to a new time. Let God work within.  “God called the light Day, and the darkness he called Night.”    Genesis 1:5

-Dan Schmiechen    

Weekly Scriptures

Advent begins the Church Year.  There are four Sundays preparing for the coming of Jesus - people longing for his coming,and our preparation to receive new life. Advent means "coming" or "arrival". The color is purple (or blue).



Advent Weekly Ritual: Light Three Candles at say a prayer.

Day Date Scripture
 Sunday December 13 John 5:30-47
Monday December 14 Matthew 24:15-31
Tuesday December 15 Matthew 24:32-44
Wednesday December 16 Matthew 24:45-51
Thursday December 17 Matthew 25:1-13
Friday December 18 Matthew 25:14-30
Saturday December 19 Matthew 25:31-46

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