Advent Four: Waiting

For one fourth of a mile, I glided easily over the hard crusted snow arriving at the peninsula of an island on a lake up north.   I waited for my son, David to arrive from the Twin Cities.   It was below 20 degrees zero.  I was dressed well but standing still I begin to chill down. I took my skis off and did wind mill exercises to warm up.  


Then far away, I saw the headlights of David’s car coming down a hill to the Public Landing. The car lights went out.  Then a tiny bright light from David’s headlamp was moving across the ice.   As he skied, the light came closer and brighter piercing the dark.  Soon we stood side by side.  We embraced and headed for a warm cabin. 


That’s what the Advent season is like – it is waiting for the Light of God’s love.  It is waiting for a tiny bright light to break through our darkness and comes to us.


Advent waiting is expectant, not passive.  God works on God’s timetable, not ours.   We wait for God to come with a promise of a Child for our present and future lives.  I can’t speed it up or shorten the waiting.  Waiting is an act of faith on God’s time. 


Advent waiting is a promise of a Child about to break into our lives.   Advent waiting asks us to bring the Child’s Light into the nooks and crevasses of the world.  Advent waiting helps us decide what truly matters in our lives and where we see our neighbor. 


“They that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength.”  Isaiah 40:31


Dan Schmiechen  





Weekly Scriptures

Advent begins the Church Year.  There are four Sundays preparing for the coming of Jesus - people longing for his coming,and our preparation to receive new life. Advent means "coming" or "arrival". The color is purple (or blue).



Advent Weekly Ritual: Light Four Candles at say a prayer.

Day Date Scripture
 Sunday December 20 John 3:16-21
Monday December 21 Luke 1:1-25
Tuesday December 22 Luke 1:26-38
Wednesday December 23 Luke 1:39-56
Thursday December 24 Luke 1:26-80
Friday December 25 John 3:26-31
Saturday December 26 Matthew 2:1-12

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