Unintended Conversations


A national political party unwittingly offered an unintended conversation for American families on sex education during one of the Presidential Debates.  Several candidates called the public’s attention to how large their lower male body parts were to justify their manhood.   Can’t you see a little kid watching the Presidential Debates asking the family, “What are they talking about?”


The two presidential candidates with the other national political party got stuck talking about “Who is qualified as President to lead the country.”  Unfortunately, the candidates responded with insults.  Who brought up this subject was not the point.   This was another good topic to pursue – “Who is qualified for the office?” “How does one view the qualities of women and men in the work world?” 


Doesn’t it go like that many times?  We are focused on something specific in a conversation and suddenly out of the blue comes a deeper question. 


I was talking to someone about raising teenagers and then the person asked me, “What did you say to your kids about premarital sex? “


You are talking to someone about the work place and then the person says, “Why is it so hard to forgive?”


Or someone interjects this question in a conversation, “Why is there so much evil in the world?  And this question is followed by “Why it is so hard to see the good?”


Conversations can suddenly go into deeper waters than one intended.  Maybe God is giving us fresh opportunities to shape a faith, and witness to our faith.


The old hymn says it well, “Lord, speak to me that I may speak…in living echoes of thy tone.”





-Dan Schmiechen  






Weekly Scriptures

Day Date Scripture
 Sunday April 17

Mark 6:30-44

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Monday April 18

 Matthew 5:1-10

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Tuesday April 19

Matthew 5:11-16

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Wednesday April 20

Matthew 5:17-20

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Thursday April 21

 Matthew 5:21-26

True Understanding of the Law

Friday April 22

Matthew 5:27-37

  True Understanding of the Law

Saturday April 23

 Matthew 5:35-48

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