Planting Your Life

My sister Abigail and I placed an order for a bundle of 25 white pine seedlings.  This spring we plan to plant them in the family woods up north.  I offer lessons learned from previous plantings of seedlings that can help us better grow our Christian lives this spring.   


1. Step One:  We dug the tree hole twice as wide as the size of the roots and a bit deeper than the length of the roots.   God encourages us to use the spaces in our lives for deeper growth and maturity.  We can start anytime when we are ready to learn and grow. There is no time table or age limit.  What do we want to add to the root systems of our lives?   Compassion?   Healing? Reconciliation?  Inclusiveness?  


2. Step Two:  After we dug the hole, we picked up a seedling and pointed the roots downward into the hole – we did that to make sure the tree was anchored for growth.  Then we added loose dirt filling up the hole.  We packed it down to avoid air spaces around the roots.  Our lives need to be anchored deep in God’s love and forgiveness.


3. Step Three:  Finally, we watered the tree again and again.  As the white pine seedling receives nature’s nutrients, we too, need the nutrients of practices as prayer, Bible reading, Sunday morning worship and helping our neighbor.   We need to stay close to the support and encouragement of friends and family growing our lives anew. 


Scripture:  “They are like trees planted by streams of water….” Psalm 1:3






-Dan Schmiechen  






Weekly Scriptures

Day Date Scripture
 Sunday May 8

  Matthew 10:17-24

Instruction of Twelve Disciples

Monday May 9

 Matthew 8:5-17

  Jesus heals servant of centurion ; He cures the sick

Tuesday May 10

Matthew 8:18-27

A teaching and a windstorm

Wednesday May 11

Matthew 8:28-34

 Jesus heals two demoniacs

Thursday May 12

 Matthew 9:1-8

 Jesus heals a paralyzed man

Friday May 13

Matthew 9:9-17

  Jesus calls Matthew  New wine skins

Saturday May 14

 Matthew 9:18-27

Jesus heals

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