Stepping Though the Door

The photograph stopped me.  I had walked into the office of my eye doctor and there on the wall was a photograph he took. The picture was of ocean cliffs in southern France.  Three people were seated on the ground with two active dogs.


A lone woman stands off to the right, looking at rock formations in the cliffs.  A small doorway appears in the gigantic rock ledge just before it plunges into the ocean.  Morning fog makes the background unclear.  I feel invited to step into the picture with this woman. 


Her sight is riveted on the open doorway.  The three people seated on the ground are in conversation together oblivious to the woman. 


So that is the picture – three people seated on the ground with frolicking dogs, an open doorway appearing in the cliffs and the lone woman looking out to the open doorway.


Maybe this lone person is using time differently than the three seated people.  I like to imagine this is a time for a decision in her life.   The New Testament calls her use of time - “the Kairos time”.   One is ready to act – the time is at hand.   


I can also imagine the questions she may be asking.  Have I been postponing this decision?  Why is an inner voice pushing me to decide now?  Can I step through the doorway into the unknown?  All of a sudden she becomes a symbolic picture of the challenges we all face and decisions we all are called to make.  We are with her.


Will she step through the rock doorway into another facet of her life?   What about us?


“The Lord will keep your going out and you coming in from this time on and forevermore.”  Psalm 121:8





   -Dan Schmiechen


Weekly Scriptures

Day Date Scripture
 Sunday July 31


Mark 3:20-30

Monday August 1


John 1:1-18

Tuesday August 2


   John 1:19-28

Wednesday August 3


John 1:29-42

Thursday August 4


John 1:43-51

Friday August 5


  John 2:2-12

Saturday August 6


John 2:13-25

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