July Church Cabinet Meeting Notes

The LHUCC Cabinet met for our monthly meeting July 21.  We met off-site at Faye Sleeper’s home so cabinet members could also participate in our summer dinner series that night. (Thanks, Faye, for hosting us in your lovely, cool home on that hot and steamy evening!)  Pete Bernard led as moderator, Lawrence Richardson represented CE, Mike Rolek - Membership & Growth, Dave Wilson- Diaconate, plus attendees Lorna Wilson- assistant moderator, and Pastor Howard.


Nance Kent came at the start to explain a proposal to join 6-12 other churches in the “Sacred Solidarity Network.”  This proposal is for a one-year commitment to collaborate “to address racism and white supremacy in ourselves, our congregations and the wider world.”  Cabinet discussed the background, purpose, goals and commitment requested of LHUCC, and approved the formation of a team to participate. Nance will be leading the effort to form a team of Linden Hills UCC participants.    


The launch event will be September 11 from 1-7.  Please contact Nance if you would like more information, and/or to join the team.


Next, Lawrence updated us on CE activities, especially the hard work going on to fill Ben Whalen’s very large shoes as he moves on to his new position.  CE has created a plan of how to assess the needs of our congregation to properly define the role of serving Children, Youth and Families and an interim plan for managing the ongoing activities of CE this fall

Many thanks to Lawrence and the rest of the CE board for taking this work on!


Also, Eliot and Lawrence both addressed the work of our Center for Progressive Renewal (CPR) initiative.  Over 50 members of our community are participating in the summer dinner series, building relationships and eating some great food. It’s not too late to take part in a dinner! See the sign up in the fellowship hall entryway, or contact Lawrence.


Additionally, there are 2 dates you should get on your calendars for fall CPR activities: 


- The morning of September 11 will be Rally Sunday, with a terrific program on CPR activities, past, present and future to launch us into the new program year. Plan on attending both worship and coffee hour to participate!

-  September 18 will be round 2 of the popular Enneagram workshop.  More information to come on this.


Pete moved us on to talk about our beloved traditional events and activities and how better to manage who - in terms of boards or individuals - is responsible for them. We clarified that being responsible means lining up people to organize and put on the events, and also deciding whether any should be put on hiatus to make room for new things.  The list of events is too long to put here - we are a very busy congregation! - but expect to hear more about this work, along with opportunities to pitch in and make things happen. 


Even better, plan to come to the next Cabinet meeting Monday, August 15 to help create the calendar for next year, and enjoy some good food with some good people!


As always, if you have any questions or input for Cabinet, please feel free to reach out to Pete, Lorna or anyone else who attended.   Thanks for your support of LHUCC!


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