August Church Cabinet Meeting Notes

On August 15, 12 members of our congregation and staff met in Leni deMik's Famous Garage to picnic and plan for LHUCC’s upcoming program year.  Last week’s Linden Leaf (i.e. Sunday bulletin) listed out some of our results in a list of upcoming activities this fall from Rally Sunday (Sept. 11) ... to Trivia & Silent Auction Night (Oct. 22) ... to the Christmas Pageant (Dec. 18)...and many in-between. 



Make sure to take a look at the list, along with reading the Linden Tree regularly, and  plan to participate, either in the planning or the attending or both!


The night consisted of free flowing conversation about what activities we do regularly and count on, what we’ve done in the past that may be worth revisiting, and what new events and activities ought to be considered.  We spoke of how planning events should be a joy, not a burden, and when it becomes a burden it might be time to move on or make changes.  A good example of this is the advent dinner, which last year changed from a many-hands full sit down affair to an easier to plan, and very fun morning of cookies and singalong Christmas carols.  



The evening wrapped up with a terrific TED talk on leadership, brought to us by Moderator, Pete Bernard.  If you are interested in seeing it here is the link to that, along with another we ran out of time for, called “How to Start a Movement” 


Thanks to all who attended and contributed to the conversation:  Pete Bernard (moderator), Connie Martin (trustees), Mike Rolek (M&G), Sue Young (M&G), David Wilson (Deacons), Rachel Johnson (Deacons), Lawrence Richardson (Christian Education), Sam Howard (Outreach), Lorna Wilson (assistant moderator), Dennis Sanders (staff- communications coordinator), Daniel Pederson (staff- interim music), and Pastor Eliot Howard  And many thanks to Leni DeMik for providing the beautiful venue! 


 If you have any questions or input please feel free to talk to Pete, Lorna or anyone else who attended. The next Cabinet meeting is scheduled for Thursday September 15.  All are always welcome to attend.   Thanks for your support of LHUCC! 


 -Lorna Wilson


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