September Church Cabinet Meeting Notes

Lorna Wilson opened the meeting with a devotion. 



1. Stewardship:

The group discussed how to find resources to help Doug Belden with this year’s stewardship effort. Lorna is willing to help but has limited capacity due to many other roles. She would prefer to serve in a basic administrative or data/analytical capacity. Chance’s name is off the table. One name that came up as a possible partner is Priya Morioka. After the meeting, I (Pete) thought of Charley Hackerson.

Other stewardship ideas we discussed were:

• To use the UCC standard materials and themes, but personalize them for LHUCC. Here’s a link:


• Continue to use the narrative budget concept developed a couple years ago.

ACTION ITEMS: If others have suggestions please pass them to the group.

Pete will discuss with Doug and contact possible partners.


2. Budget preparation:

• Cabinet will engage Barb to provide a readout of current state and a projection of where we will end up in 2016.

• Trustees will work with Barb and Stewardship to develop an initial budget for 2017. The purpose of this work will be to inform the Stewardship campaign goals.

• As part of this initial budget work, Trustees will engage the Fund Board to make sure our Fund performance is on course and any reliance on the fund is workable and in line with our longer term goals and values.

ACTION ITEM: Pete will brief Trustees.


3. Capital improvements:

• Approximately $11,000+ remains from the Step Up Capital Campaign, which began nearly 5 years ago.

• In addition approximately $1,600 remains from a grant secure by Ben for upgrading the worship experience. These remaining funds were intended for upgrading the church’s A/V capabilities. If they are not used they will return to the conference.

• Upgrading the church’s A/V capabilities was among a tier 2 priority of the original Step Up campaign but little work has been done on this capability to this point. In the ensuring time, other capital needs have emerged including:

o Replacing or modifying the doors to the sanctuary to make them accessibility compliant. Trustees have done some initial work in determining the scope of this work and are reviewing earlier estimates Steve Young commissioned.

o Replacing the worn carpeting on the main floor hallway, as it presents a hazard. Memorials Committee is focusing on this project. But they probably can’t undertake this effort until the doors to the sanctuary are completed.

ACTION ITEMS Pete and Connie will discuss with Andy Roy, who has volunteered to lead this projects, with the following guidelines:

• Put together a proposal ASAP based on needs of the church. As part of his research, we will encourage Andy to visit some other area church’s to see their set ups: Lawrence suggested: 

o Spring House Ministry Center (Lyndale UCC) in Minneapolis, 

o Mendota Heights UCC in Mendota Heights, and

o St. Paul’s UCC on Summit Ave. in St. Paul

• Use the remainder of the UCC grant and the remaining Step Up funds, with a goal of preserving some of the remaining Step Up dollars to assist with upgrading the doorway.

• Cabinet will review the proposal and authorize Andy to proceed with acquisition and installation. Andy will supervise project, with possible help from Pete Bills and others who may be interested.

4. We have an interactive, electronic calendar to assist us with planning and scheduling. Access the calendar at this link: - gid=21


• Please use this calendar when you have events, meetings, etc. to keep the rest of cabinet up to date. This calendar is not available to the general public.

• For events that you wish to be viewed by the general public we have a separate calendar that appears on the church’s web site. Dennis administers this calendar. Please forward your event to him and he will post it.

New Business:

The cabinet discussed and endorsed a new lay effort called Caring Connections. The purpose of this group is to care for congregation members suffering through tough times in a meaningful and intentional way that’s supplemental to—and does not replace—other care efforts, such as providing meals. Linda Weisgram and Judith DeGonda coordinate this effort. Please keep eyes and ears on the congregation and keep Linda or Judith appraised of needs both within and outside of the congregation in the sider community.


Upcoming events :

Enneagram, Parent Baby Toddler group, Clean-up Day all are on track



For the common good

Eliot provided a summary of a workshop congregation members participated in regarding white privilege. The participants will soon offer the congregation an informational meeting about race and white privilege. This work is part of program proposed by Nance Kent this past summer.


Our next cabinet meeting will take place on Tuesday, October 18, to avoid conflicts with other events and MEA.


Mike Rolek will lead devotions at the next meeting.



 -Pete Barnard


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