Let's Talk About Sex(uality)

Nobody, I mean nobody expected the 2nd Presidential Debates to lead into the subjects of misogyny and charges of sexual assaults.  We had planned to hear where the candidates stood on the issues – and holy smokes, we sure did, unexpectedly. Let’s not moan/groan that these stories will follow us to Election Day.  They will.


 What do we teach children, youth, young adults and adults about a healthier sexuality?  How do we treat people of the opposite sex?  How do we see people of the same sex?   How do I affirm my own sexuality?    


Sometimes we have to think out of the box on what holds fast in committed   relationships.  All around us are different and varied expressions of life affirming relationships. What does a faithful partnership commitment look like?   


How do I affirm the life God has given me – in body, mind and soul?  Am I being true to the kind of person God wants me to be?


“So God created humankind… in the image of God; male and female God  created them…..it was very good.”    Genesis 1:27, 31







 -Dan Schmiechen













Weekly Scriptures

Day Date Scripture
 Sunday October 23


 Matthew 18:15-20

Monday October 24


  Luke 11: 14-26

Tuesday October 25


Luke 11:27-36

Wednesday October 26


 Luke 11: 37-52

Thursday October 27


 Luke 11:53-12:1-12

Friday October 28


 Luke 12: 13-31

Saturday October 29


 Luke 12: 32-48

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