November Church Council Update

By Lorna Wilson

Cabinet met this month on Thurs. November 17.  Attendees included Pete Bernard (moderator), Eliot Howard (Pastor), David Wilson (Diaconate), Mike Rolek (Membership & Growth), Kathryn Kaatz (Outreach), Connie Martin (Trustees),Barb Jeffries (Treasurer), and myself, Lorna Wilson (assistant moderator).  Many thanks to this group for their time and engagement in a thoughtful and productive evening of discussion.  


After a brief devotion led by Pete, the agenda turned to a coordination of plans for Advent and Christmas.  Event highlights of this season include:

Decking the Halls (decorating) - Morning of Saturday, December 3

Cookies and Carols (and Crafts and Coffee) - After worship on Sunday, Dec. 11

Simply Jane/ArtAble Pizza night - Sunday, Dec. 11

In the Heart of the Beast - La Natividad Performance - Sat. Dec 17 (contact Sue Young to see if group tickets are still available, or purchase separately here:

Christmas Pageant - Sunday, December 18, during worship

Christmas Eve - Candlelight Service, 7pm

Christmas Day - Sunday service (time is still being decided)

Please invite your friends and relatives and plan to join in any or all of these Advent celebrations!  More details will be announced on individual events as they come available.

The meeting then turned to this year’s Stewardship season, and the theme of Telling our Stories.  Several church members have shared their stories of how our church works in the world and the ways in which it helps create meaning in people’s lives, and how financial support of LHUCC enables all these stories to continue to be written. Pledge intake and a collection of personal stories was a special part of the service on November 20.  We did and still do encourage everyone to make a pledge. For more details on the campaign, and to electronically submit your financial pledges to support LHUCC in 2017, please go to our website:


Pledges will be gratefully received at any time, but it would be most helpful to Trustees and planners of our 2017 budget to have all pledges received as soon as possible. (A pledge made today can be paid at any time during the year, at regular intervals or whenever is convenient).

From the inspiration of the Stewardship campaign the meeting then turned to the nuts and bolts of building a budget, a plan for how Trustees and others can most effectively get that done, and a discussion of how there are two levels we need to be thinking at right now: 1) making the best 2017 budget we can to support our important ministry and mission for this coming year, and 2) committing to moving forward as soon as possible in 2017 on the hard CPR work of finding and making creative changes to ensure ongoing financial health.


It is a blessing to belong to a church where so many people are engaged and inspired to  contribute their time, ideas, prayers, and financial support to this and all the good work happening at LHUCC. The next cabinet meeting will be held Thursday, Dec 15 at 7 pm.  Anyone is welcome to attend.


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