Planning for Lent

Historically, Lent is a season of the church year when Christians commit to a time of spiritual enrichment and discipline. 

Three weeks ago several people met to "brainstorm" ideas for a meaningful Lenten season at Linden HIlls UCC. Ideas that surfaced included a Wednesday evening all church gathering with light meal and program for all ages, a half day retreat, book study, Lenten craft and related learning for children, daily spiritual discipline for all of us,as well as a second offering of the United Church of Christ study on white privilege.


The conversation and planning will be continuing soon. We would like to have the input of other members and friends of the congregation. If you are willing to spend an hour in conversation about this aspect of faith formation, please contact one of us. Participation in discussions does not mean you are required to design the program. Your thoughts and interests are what is sought! 


Norma Burton,  

Kathryn Kaatz ,

Lawrence Richardson,

Eliot Howard,


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