Budget Meeting Prayer

The following prayer was given at the Annual Budget meeting on January 29, 2017.  Written by Peter Barnard, it was written to reflect the transformation journey the church has been on in the past year. 


Gracious and loving God, 


Another year has come and gone and once again we gather for the Annual Budget Meeting at Linden Hills United Church of Christ.


To this place we bring all the celebrations and hardships, the joys and the sorrows of the past 12 months.


Here we pause to remember those who have come anew to this house and community seeking your sustenance. And we pause to remember those who now abide with you and to whom we have said farewell. (pause)


We remember a year of deepening faith: Of partnering with the prisoners at Lino Lakes, and standing with our brothers and sisters in North Minneapolis. We remember the future scholars sponsored by the Northside Achievement Zone—for in part, they hold our hope. We remember the bitter cold of a Nativity journey, a journey to a peace no coldness could penetrate. 


And we give thanks for this community…for Trivia night, the picnic at Lake Harriet, for Table Talk 10s and Enneagram workshops. We remember the Christmas Pageant, the blood drive, and dinner conversations that brought friends and congregation members together to share stories and reflections of faith. (pause)


Though these memories will always be with us, it is together that we cast our gaze forward. Please light our path.  For the way will not always be easy, but when your spirit shines upon us we might know our best days lie ahead. 


As we meet and discuss the life and work of this congregation we pray that you enter into our discussion. May your Spirit move in our hearts, opening them to hear what each of us has to offer, bringing light to both possibilities and realities, drawing us always to consider what you would have us be and do in this time and place.


With humility and gratitude, together we offer our time, talent and treasure 

to your service and glory. May your wisdom enfold us as we continue to build your kingdom.  


All these things we pray in the name of Jesus, the Christ, our inspiration, our motivation, our redeemer, our lord. 





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