January-February 2017 Church Cabinet Recap

 Cabinet updates from our January 19 and February 16, 2017 meetings


Apologies, Congregation, as I missed sending out an update from our January meeting.  Most of that meeting centered around preparations for the congregational budget meeting that occurred soon after, so I won’t spend time recapping that, other than to say that we are so lucky to have Connie Martin and Barb Jeffries, and the rest of the Trustees board putting in the hard work to make sure we are financially sound and responsible.  We are also extremely lucky to have such a giving congregation, as your stewardship pledges make up a large portion of our annual budget. In other words, everything we are able to do from worship to faith formation to outreach to hosting community groups, to every other type of ministry we do is only possible because of your financial generosity and commitment to our church’s mission. Thank you!


Additionally, in January, Trustees updated us on some terrific improvements coming our way:  a new sound and video system for the sanctuary (using step-up funds), and new carpet in the building (using memorial funds). Trustees is also diligently working on a solution to our too-narrow doorway to the sanctuary, but fire regulations and architectural limitations are making it a slower process than they’d like.  Much appreciation to all who have worked on all 3 projects.


Cabinet met again, as scheduled, in February.   It was a great turnout with 10 participants, and that was perfect as we had 4 important agenda items to cover.


First, was discussion and preparation for the all-congregation meeting that was held on February 19 to vote on the resolution to become a Sanctuary church.  Thanks to Kathryn Kaatz and the Sacred Solidarity team for all their work and commitment to this effort. If you were at the meeting on the 19th, you know that the resolution passed.


Next, Lawrence represented the CE board to let us know that efforts to discern and define the position of minister of faith formation are underway, with the goal of having a proposal by April. (You’ll be forgiven if you hadn’t known or hadn’t remembered that Lawrence is currently holding a title of interim minister of faith formation in a one-year position, as CE had suggested to take this year to review the church’s needs and desires for that role.)  We appreciate this work the discernment committee (appointed by CE) has volunteered to take on, and pray for  God’s ’s wisdom to guide your efforts. We are also so grateful to have Lawrence’s leadership and ministry in his current role.


The third item was to review the CPR (Center for Progressive Renewal) Vitality Renewal Report and Recommendations to Cabinet that recaps what the CPR Guiding Team accomplished in 2016 after our consultant review with Rev. Cameron Trimble at the start of the year that suggested we focus on 1) deepening  relationships, 2) creating a plan for financial sustainability, and 3) streamlining our organizational structure.   Many thanks to the Guiding Team- Dave Wilson, Peter Bernard, Kathryn Kaatz, Eliot Howard and Lawrence Richardson - for their terrific work that included dinner groups, table talks, one-on-one conversations, Enneagram workshops, and a November presentation and workshop with the congregation with 43 in attendance to help prioritize and assess interest levels for possible next steps.  With this report, Lawrence also concluded his time as a paid consultant to LHUCC to shepherd this work (and again, thank you!)


Whew! That brought us to the 4th February agenda item:  how to move forward to assess and implement ideas (big and little) to support financial sustainability.  More to come on this, but for now, if you might be interested in participating in this work please reach out to a member of Cabinet (Pete, Lorna, Connie, Kathryn, Mike Rolek, Sam Howard, Eliot or Lawrence) and let us know. Ideally we will have 10-12 people taking on different parts of the work over time.  We hope to have this group named and ready to go by annual meeting.


Next Cabinet meeting will be held on March 16 at 7:00.  All are welcome to attend.  Thank you for all your support of LHUCC!


Lorna Wilson (assistant moderator)




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