Stepping Through the Door 

The photograph stopped me.  I had walked into the office of my eye doctor and on the wall was a photograph he took. The picture was of ocean cliffs in southern France.  Three people were seated on the ground with two playful dogs skipping about.


A lone woman stands off to the right, looking at rock formations in the cliffs.  A small doorway appears in the gigantic rock ledge before it plunges into the ocean.  Morning fog makes the background unclear. 


I am drawn toward the lone figure looking at the open doorway in the rock ledge. One wonders what she is feeling and thinking?   


 There comes times in our lives when we make important decisions.  These decisions shape and form us.  The New Testament in the Bible uses two words for time.  One is called “chronos time” – clock time where we measure out the use of our day.    The other word is called “ Kairos time” –  that is completely different.  Here one is ready to act on an important decision in one’s life – the time is at hand.  Suddenly, one is ready to marshal thoughts and feelings into a clear decision.  Now is time to decide - I want to step into a new future in my life.  


 Have I been postponing this decision?  Why is an inner voice pushing me to decide now?  Can I step through the doorway into the unknown?  I see this lone figure as a symbolic picture of all the important decisions we are called to make in our lives.


As much as I enjoy conversations with friends and family as is vividly pictured with the three people talking together - there is a sense of urgency with the lone woman.  We are with her.


Will she step through the rock doorway into another facet of her life?  Or will she pause not sure this is the proper time to move forward.   What about us?

-Dan Schmiechen                                                 

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