Cultivating Emotional Balance

Welcome to the Cultivating Emotional Balance Participant Page 


Cultivating Emotional Balance is a secular program that brings together wisdom from various spiritual traditions with up to date research on human emotions from the fields of neuroscience and psychology.  Through meditation, lectures and small group dialogues, we will deepen our awareness of emotion, learn to identify emotional triggers, stabilize attention and cultivate relaxation.  At the core of the program is a focus on the practice of contemplation and meditation.  The meditation is suitable for non-meditating beginners as well as those with experience in meditation. 


The program is led by certified CEB instructors Leni de Mik, PhD, and Stacy Husebo, LICSW, assisted by Charles Reimler, who has completed CEB twice with Leni.


Below you will find links to resource that are used in the workshop.