The main goal of many Confirmation programs is something along the lines of, “To teach youth the beliefs of the church and help them understand and articulate their own faith.” Any honest person (of any age) would say, “I don’t understand my own faith no matter how long it has been part of my life.”


We’re not going to pretend that faith is something to "learn" in one year, but we do want to offer some guidance in the faith-growing process and enable youth to form friendships to help them along the way. Our program includes meeting at church every other Wednesday night to explore the big questions of faith, some events outside of church to explore how we interact with the world (see our Iftar meal pictured above), and getting connected with an adult mentor from the congregation.


Confirmation is currently a one year program for 7th-9th graders offered once every three years. Pastor Eliot and Ben plan and lead the program together.