Children in Worship

Children of ALL ages are always encouraged to join us in worship! Crying, running around, coloring, etc. may not have made the Apostle Paul's list of spiritual gifts but they are always welcome in our church. Our service are specifically designed to be engaging to all ages and all learning styles. You can expect over the course of several Sundays to see things like drama, music, visuals, storytelling, props, and movement incorporated into the prayers, praise, singing, and reflecting of the congregation.


We strongly encourage children, youth, and whole families to help lead worship in different ways and share their talents! That might look like helping collect offering, playing/singing a solo or with a small group, leading a call and response, acting out a Bible passage, or anything else you'd like to contribute! Talk to Ben if you'd like to get involved.


One part of worship that is a little unique to our church is that we actually have what we call a "sermon in two places." Each week when it comes to sermon time, everyone has the option to listen to a traditional spoken sermon from Pastor Eliot OR join in an interactive sermon. Interactive sermons might include art, games, conversation, science experiments, cooking, technology, and more! Each week is a little different but each week both sermons explore the same theme. After the sermon time we all gather together back in the sanctuary.


Below are some pictures from our worship, including the 2014 Christmas Pageant -"Road Work" and a mosaic created in one of our interactive sermons.