Our nursery is located just outside the west (double) doors of the sanctuary. It is a bright and cheerful space, containing toys and books to keep babies and toddlers happy. There is also a changing table and a kid-friendly bathroom.


The nursery is staffed every Sunday by one of two experienced staff members, Claire and Gayl, and is available throughout the entire service. Parents are welcome to drop off kids with staff for all or part of the service or come in and join their child(ren) as they'd like. Childcare is often available during large group meetings or other gatherings as well and will be announced.





Parent/Baby/Toddler Group 

We also have a recently formed group for very young children and their parents. It's a great chance to connect with each other and explore topics like sleep schedules, discipline, children's books (left), or just have a Halloween party (below). Childcare is provided as well as refreshments. Email Ben if you'd like to get connected to this group!