"Through stewardship we add to the collective generosity of the generations that have come before us. We sharpen the business end of our church: the many ministries we deliver to our community.  And, through our handiwork, we leave a mark for all those who will follow our same path." - Moderator, Pete Bernard (read his letter in it's entirety here)



What Collective Generosity Can Do

An inspiring part of our annual campaign is the testimony of individuals in our community on how they view their Stewardship commitment and what the mission and ministry and community of Linden Hills UCC means to them.   We will add these below as they are presented in our worship service and in the Linden Tree over the next 4 weeks.


Nov 11: Pledging Sunday, with statements from our teen Confirmation Class, Howard Speiss, and a representative from ISAIH

Nov.  5:  Leni deMik and Julie Champ spoke in the service 

Oct. 29:  Kurt Howard's presentation from Trustees

Oct.  22:  Chance Veasey's message of Collective Generosity

Oct. 20:  Moderator Peter Bernard wrote of stewardship as a holy season

Oct. 20:  A Brief Guide to Giving was distributed

Oct. 13:  Pastor Howard's Introduction to Collective Generosity (scroll down below)


Make Your Pledge!

If you are ready to submit your pledge to support LHUCC in 2018, you can do so through a confidential electronic form.  Please click on the button below to access the form.


Thank you so much for your generous ongoing stewardship of Linden Hills UCC.

 "Collective Generosity"
  by Pastor Eliot Howard

October 13, 2017

Linden Hills United Church of Christ demonstrates God's love for the world through its ministries and mission. Reflecting upon our impact as a church, a member of the wider Twin Cities community characterized LHUCC as "a small congregation with a big and positive footprint." Many good things happen because Linden Hills UCC continues to serve from the corner of 42nd and Upton Avenue.

All that we accomplish relies on God's grace. From the human side of the equation it is also true that what we achieve as a church is reliant upon your generosity.. Thankfully, over the past year we have experienced both God's grace and the generosity of many members. 

The theme for our 2017 Stewardship Campaign is "Collective Generosity"  Over the next 4 Sundays and through mid-week "Collective Generosity" messages you will see, hear and read how LHUCC impacts individuals and communities. 

We are also excited to be having several Collective Generosity House Parties. In addition to offering a little time for informal conversation, while enjoying food, wine, beer and other beverages, these 90 minute will also be an opportunity for Pastor Lawrence and I to guide a discussion on the theme, "What matters to you and how do you tend it?" A brief overview of the need for financial support of LHUCC will close out the evening party. Please choose the date that works for you and  sign up in Fellowship Hall or RSVP below. We look forward to lively conversation at each.     

 Collective Generosity House Parties

Thursday, October 26th 5:30pm-7:00pm
Home of Candice and Leo Bijnagte
   3116 West Lake Street #517, Minneapolis
Molly and Clarence Falk, co-hosts

Sunday, October 29th 5:00-6:30pm
Home of Andy and Sonja Ritchie Roy
   5900 Arbour Avenue, Edina

Sunday, November 5th  4:30-6:00pm
At Linden Hills UCC
This party is offered to families with infants and toddlers.
Child care and food for the very young will be included.
 Eliot Howard, Host