About Us



Located in Southwest Minneapolis, Linden Hills United Church of Christ is a congregation of 300 adults and children.  As Christians, our worship, faith development and service to the community are grounded in our relationship to God, Jesus Christ, and The Holy Spirit.  A progressive approach to theology encourages a freedom of conscience, and latitude of belief.  Since its founding in 1902 Linden Hills Church has sought to live out a core principle: "Not to be served, but to serve."



We worship at 10:00 a.m. on Sunday online.  The structure of the worship service tends toward the traditional with a tone that is informal.  Preaching addresses themes such as faith, spirituality, community, as well as issues of social justice.  We are intentional in our prayer for people we know as well as for the joys and hurts of those beyond our immediate community.  Click here for more information on worship.


Service and Advocacy

We strive to make our city, state, nation and world more just and humane.  Our advocacy takes place in partnership with many organizations such as the Joint Religious Legislative Coalition and Protect Minnesota.  We prepare meals for people in need and work on construction of affordable homes.  Partnered with several organizations, our members are mentors to both children and adults.  Click here for more information on outreach.


Pastoral and Congregational Care

Linden Hills UCC seeks to provide spiritual and practical support to people within the congregation and beyond.  Our Pastor is available for spiritual consultation to individuals and families.  Members make visits, provide meals and offer other kinds of support to people experiencing a crisis or going through a time of transition.  The church and Pastor are available to non-members for weddings, baptisms, and memorial services. Click here for more information on these services.


Faith Formation

There are many opportunities for adults and children to explore faith, spirituality and Christianity.  We frequently host guest speakers to provide educational opportunities for our members and the larger community.  Click here for more information on educational opportunities.


There is an elevator located on the ground floor of the church in Fellowship Hall.   Handicap parking is available on the south side of 42nd Street near the side entrance to the church.