We are blessed to be with each other and to have shared another year in this community. Linden Hills UCC continues to be many things to many people: a vibrant religious community where youth and adults can learn and experience new things, a place of welcome and acceptance, a source of food and housing and goods for those in need, a challenging and peaceful place of worship.


We were fortunate this year to welcome new faces to our ministry in music and in faith formation. We celebrated a doubling of our contribution to the Northside Achievement Zone as a “Friend of the Future.” And we benefited from the guidance of the Center for Progressive Renewal in considering the medium- and long-term future of our ministry.


As always, the roots of this church’s ministry run deep, and the branches of its outreach spread widely. To do church in the way we do it at Linden Hills—especially in an aging and costly building—requires resources, and we ask you to make a pledge of financial support that will allow us to continue and to build on what we’ve been doing.


A pledge is simply an amount of money that you tell the church that you intend to give over the next year. You can make your pledge on paper or online. The church then tallies up the pledges to build its annual budget. You can choose to pay your pledge all at once or spread out over the year. You may pay online or by check.


At Linden Hills, we get more than three-quarters of our budget from pledges. Our annual budget is around $215,000, and we have between 80 and 100 people pledging. That works out to an average pledge of about $1,900.


Compare that to Minnesota Public Radio, for example, which gets about a quarter of its operating revenue from individual gifts and memberships and has more than 132,000 members. That averages out to the $10-$15 per month they tend to ask for during pledge drives.


A church pledge isn’t like donations we make to other organizations in our lives. It comes from reflection on the unique importance of church to us and our families and represents our sacrifice and commitment to sustain the church in all that it does.


Sunday, Nov. 20, is Intake Sunday, the traditional wrap-up of the church’s stewardship campaign. If you are able  to turn in your pledge on Sunday, that would be a great help to us in completing the campaign and starting to craft our budget for next year.


With many thanks,

Lorna Wilson, & Doug Belden

LHUCC Stewardship Committee



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Make Your Pledge!

If you are ready to submit your pledge for 2017, you can do so through a confidential electronic form.  Please click on the button below to access the form. Thank you so much for your generous stewardship of Linden Hills UCC.

What's Your Story?

During this Stewardship season, several members have come forward to share their stories of how the church works in the world and the ways in which it helps create meaning in people’s lives.


What's your story?  How has Linden Hills impacted your life? How has it made a difference in the lives of others?  Tell your story by clicking on the button below and share your story.