Visitors and Membership

New Member Sunday
New Member Sunday

We are glad you are visiting our website and hope you have been able to join us in Sunday worship or any of our outreach or community activities.


Click here to let us know who you are and what questions you may have  about LHUCC.  You can also use this form to let us know if you are interested in receiving our weekly email newsletter, or to raise a current prayer concern.


A great way to learn more about Linden Hills UCC is through our Learn About Us series. These are informal discussions, either held in three 20- minute sessions during coffee hour after worship, or in one hour-long session scheduled in advance of a joining Sunday. Upcoming sessions will be posted here as they are scheduled. 


Learn about Us Series:
Part 1: The UCC Denomination
Part 2: The Unique Identity of Linden Hills UCC
Part 3: How LHUCC is Organized & Governed
Part 4: Making the Choice to Join LHUCC



We encourage visitors to get to know us, and to consider becoming a member of our faith community.  Membership is a formal step of commitment to our church and of our church to you.  Members typically feel a stronger sense of belonging and community within the church;  and members add strength to our church community when they make the decision to join. 


To come to the decision to formally join our church, we encourage you to attend the Learn About Us sessions, and talk to Rev. Howard.  Some people know they are ready to join after just a few weeks, and others prefer to wait a year or more.  Whenever you are ready to join, we will welcome you!


Joining Sundays are held three times a year to welcome new members.